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Opened up for all to see.

Opened Up, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

Haven’t done any interior shots of the Audi since I bought her last year. Figured it was about time. Got the car washed last Saturday as there was a 1-day break in the rainy weather. On my way to the photoshoot, I drove through a mess of old ground-up leaves. After I shot at the garage, I went to a DIY carwash and sprayed her down again.



BNSF, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

While working the morning shift last week, I set out on my lunch break for a walk to capture downtown Seattle. I’d hoped for a nice sunrise, but found the gray skies equally photogenic. Snapped this looking North where the tracks cross Broad Street under the SAM [Seattle Art Museum] Sculpture Park.

200mm @ f/2.8
ISO800 / 1/320 sec