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Jeff’s Jetta

1600 Jeff-9436, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

Went out with Jeff last Saturday to shoot his Jetta-turned-GLI. Mother nature fouled up our plans by clouding over and killing the light, so we’re going to finish up in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

You can see some rollers- as well as what I’ve got so far, Here.


Travis’ Imola Yellow 20th

1600 Travy -6680.jpg, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

A few weeks ago, Travis (aka Travy) and I got together to shoot his aired-out 20th edition VW GTI. I chose the various location(s) to make the yellow really pop.

Check out the rest of the set- including interior shots Here.

Kris’ Volkswagen CC

Kris’ CC Teaser., originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

Kris, Tyler and I went out today for a photoshoot of Kris’ newly-modded Volkswagen CC. From the gorgeous metallic paint, Hartmann Wheels and the Gold Coast kit- this car really stands out.
Check out the rest of the set Here.


Darrick’s Bagged A4

16001-15-10-4726.jpg, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

Had the opportunity to shoot Darrick’s 2002 Audi A4 1.8T back in August. This was my first shoot at the marina in Seattle. The setting sun gave me plenty of warm, diffuesd light to play around with. The results speak for themselves.

Check out the rest of the set Here.

XXX GTG. March 2010

1600 March-7076.jpg, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

Stopped by the import car GTG at XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah, WA a few weeks ago. I found a great selection of Asian- as well as European cars to suit all tastes.

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2010 Port Townsend Cruise

1600 March-8159.jpg, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

For this year’s Port Townsend cruise I kept the photos to a minimum to spend more time with friends.

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1-15-10 Photoshoot

Tim, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

Back in January, I went out with Tim (pictured), Athena and Nate for a cold and rainy VW photoshoot on the pier.

Check out the rest of the set Here.

Brent’s 1990 VW Jetta

1600 Brent5.jpg, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

It’s always nice to get some one-on-one time with such a beautiful car. Brent has spent years getting his Jetta to where it is today- a pristine OEM Plus-themed car. From the color-matched door handles- to the shaved bay and polished manifold, this car is all about the details.

Check out the rest of the set Here.

Mark’s Aired-Out VW Caddy

1600 Mark10.jpg, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

I recently shot Marks beautiful Caddy on bags. The bright, direct sunlight really helped the white paint and those Boyd wheels ‘pop’

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