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Lindsay’s B6

Lindsay 1, originally uploaded by Mike Gilbert Photography.

Stopped by and did a quick shoot for Lindsay after the new suspension went on. Really wanted to get some rollers, but time was short.


Twilight Towers

Twilight Towers, originally uploaded by Mike Gilbert Photography.

Went up to Beacon Hill for some skyline shots with a few friends (always better to travel in packs whilst traversing ‘the hood’ at night) These towers are known as Radio Tower Point on Capitol Hill.


Market, originally uploaded by Mike Gilbert Photography.

Walked around the Pike Place Market with some friends the other night.

Mass Transit

Mass Transit, originally uploaded by Mike Gilbert Photography.

Continuing the late-night long exposure photography theme, I ended up at the yard for the Seattle bus tunnel, which runs under the heart of the city.

Long Lines at Night

Headed out for a night photography session last week. Stopped by this Quest Central Office on Queen Anne hill to get some shots of the awesome microwave tower. Not sure when this example was put up, but most in the AT&T Long Lines system were erected in the 1950s and ’60s. This has to be one of the better looking examples- and still looks to be functioning.

Twilight over The Bay

Took the late dinner break the other night to capture the rising moon against the setting sun. I would have killed to be down at water’s edge, but time was running short. I’m planning on returning later this week- hopefully Mother Nature will oblige with a similar sunset.

Shawn’s VIP-GT Previa

Shawn 1, originally uploaded by Mike Gilbert Photography.

As soon as I saw Shawn’s build thread for this beast, I knew I had to shoot it. It’s been over five years in the making- and judging by the results, very well worth the wait. I’ll have the full shoot available in the near future. Until then, here’s one to hold you over.