Long Lines at Night

Headed out for a night photography session last week. Stopped by this Quest Central Office on Queen Anne hill to get some shots of the awesome microwave tower. Not sure when this example was put up, but most in the AT&T Long Lines system were erected in the 1950s and ’60s. This has to be one of the better looking examples- and still looks to be functioning.


Leafy Sandwich

Leafy Sandwich, originally uploaded by Mike Gilbert Photography.

Had to post some more of these B&W shots from the Seattle Center- the clouds were too amazing not to.


BNSF, originally uploaded by technicaldirector.

While working the morning shift last week, I set out on my lunch break for a walk to capture downtown Seattle. I’d hoped for a nice sunrise, but found the gray skies equally photogenic. Snapped this looking North where the tracks cross Broad Street under the SAM [Seattle Art Museum] Sculpture Park.

200mm @ f/2.8
ISO800 / 1/320 sec